Our Affiliate Banners

Affiliate Banners

Thankyou for using our Affiliate Platform. Please choose the banner/s you would like to use on your site or in your social feeds to promote our Oddzeez products. Once you have chosen your style of banner, please copy the code directly on to your website page or have your designer organise this for you. If you are using the banners in a social feed, simply copy the code into your post of choice and the banner will display.

Please contact our team should you have any questions.


[affiliates_banner id=”3240″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3262″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3270″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3268″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3272″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3279″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3280″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3282″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3283″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3285″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3286″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3520″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3519″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3518″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3517″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3516″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3515″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3514″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3513″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3511″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3512″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3510″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3509″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3508″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3489″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3488″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3487″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3486″]

[affiliates_banner id=”3480″]