Isn’t it time you spiced up your sock life?

Isn’t it time you spiced up your sock life and treated your feet to something neat?

As the little-known saying goes, nice guys with boring socks finish last. Those plain black socks with your toes peeping out aren’t doing you or your feet any favours. Oddzeez are here to help make your socks a way of adding personality and character to your everyday outfit and life.

Yet, we get it. Going out shopping for socks just isn’t fun – and don’t think your lady enjoys it either! That’s why we started Oddzeez, the sockscription service that gives your feet sox appeal with little to no effort whatsoever. Get awesome new socks delivered monthly, 2-monthly, or quarterly or you can simply pick out your favourite designs from our classy selection of feet gloves. Let’s face it, is there anything quite like the feeling of pulling on a new, fresh, soft pair of socks for the very first time?

Treat Your Feet to Something Neat!

Unlike the patterns you’ll find downtown, Oddzeez prides itself on delivering socks that are bursting with character with each pair having a different theme – and the left sock a different pattern to the right. These are socks for the professional who wants to show off their wild side and for the casual wearer who simply wants to break free of the tyranny of uniform socksism.

Oddzeez was founded in 2017 by Matt and Sara McLean, a husband-and-wife team living in Adelaide, South Australia. With two young kids, we’re a young-at-heart team that wants to change the way we look at socks and transform them from a functional wardrobe item into a chic conversation starter.

Oh, and for the rest of the family Oddzeez is already working on something that will keep you all looking just as stylish as the man in the house.

Give your significant other a break from replacing your old socks and give your feet the sox appeal that you’ll both love – sign up to the Oddzeez sockscription service today!

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